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BastionGPT is a private and compliant edition of ChatGPT specially designed for US healthcare professionals. We are a trusted Microsoft Partner and utilize a HIPAA compliant version of ChatGPT that is not publicly available.

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Healthcare professionals are buried under a mountain of documents, charts, transcripts, and notes. Other AI services can't keep up with the rigorous demands of healthcare, much less meet the unique design and compliance requirements. BastionGPT allows for the upload of documents via the upload button or copy and paste. For more information, please view our Generative AI Word Limit Comparison.
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BastionGPT is designed for organizations of all sizes. Our solution is the only compliant solution powered by the latest AI models such as GPT-4o that won't compromise your budget.

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Transcribe and summarize your meetings

with industry leading quality and compliance.

Effortlessly turn your patient or staff meeting recordings into transcripts, draft notes and summaries. Your recordings can even be converted directly into your custom reports, according to your preferred formatting, tone and personal writing style.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions, reach out to us via live chat in the bottom right of your screen, or schedule a meeting to speak with a healthcare AI expert
Why can't I use other ChatGPT solutions?
Healthcare workers regularly interact with PHI. Because popular ChatGPT services, such as ChatGPT Plus, do not meet HIPAA requirements, accidentally including PHI when using other ChatGPT services is a HIPAA violation that can result in terminations and large fines.  BastionGPT exceeds HIPAA requirements and can be used with HIPAA-regulated data.
Is my chat data leaked to OpenAI?
BastionGPT uses a special, secure version of ChatGPT that is not accessible to OpenAI or other 3rd parties that use your chat history for data mining. The data you enter into BastionGPT is kept private from OpenAI, and is not used to develop future iterations of ChatGPT. This is good news for healthcare users who can’t risk leaking patient data to 3rd parties.
Do you offer a trial?
Yes, a 7-day trial of the Professional plan is available.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you aren't satisfied with the service, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can cancel your plan at any time.
Is there a limit to how many questions I can ask per day?
To keep our monthly prices low, we have monitors and limits in place to avoid the use of bots or account sharing. However, normal human use of our system does not trigger these limits. The Professional plan allows for up to 7 million words to be sent through our service each month, and the Professional Plus plan allows for up to 14 million words! In the extremely rare instance where you use more than this amount, we will email you low-cost options for upgrading your account.
Does my chat history synchronize across devices?
This is not available by design in the Professional edition. We do this to maximize security and compliance with the wide variety of our user's locations and regulations by not storing chat data in the cloud in a manner that it can be “seen” by your other devices. Device synchronization can be enabled, by request, in the "Enterprise" and "Ultimate" editions. If you are a Professional edition subscriber, you can manually share or backup your saved prompts to other devices within the "settings" section of BastionGPT.
I want to use BastionGPT in my app. Is there an API?
Yes, select customers can add BastionGPT to their apps, provided the use case meets our ethics, safety and compliance standards. This helps power any number of safe use cases, such as medical AI chatbots For more information, view our BastionGPT API page.
Do you offer a referral bonus?
The tremendous growth and success of BastionGPT wouldn't be possible without our customers telling their colleagues about BastionGPT. We do have an affiliate program, where approved customers can receive commissions for referring other customers. For more information about the program, please contact us.
Can people who are not medical professionals use BastionGPT?
BastionGPT has been tailored to best meet the needs of medical professionals, including therapists and healthcare administrators. However, the tool can be used for other purposes. Because generative AI, such as BastionGPT, can occasionally make mistakes, it is not safe for someone who is not medically trained to obtain and use medical information without proper training or consultation from a medical professional.
How do I know BastionGPT is secure?
Our solution is built and maintained by experienced cybersecurity and healthcare professionals that have expert knowledge of healthcare regulations and decades of experience in maintaining HIPAA secure systems. The service is regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and assessed to ensure HIPAA compliance. Security information is available on our Security page, and additional cybersecurity technology documentation and architecture diagrams are available upon request. Additional information about our partnership with Microsoft can be found on their website or via Press Release. Feel free to schedule a call or message our team to speak with a healthcare compliance expert.
What if I need a custom HIPAA agreement?
Our Terms provide for a standard HIPAA Business Associate Agreement for Covered Entities and Business Associates, along with the associated controls to ensure the safety of healthcare data. If you need this agreement signed via DocuSign instead, please contact our legal team at legal@bastiongpt.com. There is no additional cost. Custom ("redline") HIPAA agreements, however, are only available within the "Enterprise" and "Ultimate" licensing options.
Is BastionGPT FERPA compliant?
Yes, this is available for all licensing options. If an additional FERPA addendum is needed, beyond what is included in the Terms of Use, please contact legal@bastiongpt.com or request this from any member of our team.
Does AI ever make mistakes?
Yes, while AI is incredibly intelligent, and is getting better every day, it is not perfect. Users need to be aware of this, and carefully review answers from any AI, including BastionGPT. For more information about the various types of errors that AI can make, please review our Healthcare AI Use Case guide or contact us.
What AI powers BastionGPT?
Multiple AI models power BastionGPT. BastionGPT is optimized to use the most effective AI model based on your query. In the vast majority of cases, GPT4 is utilized, which is the world's most powerful model. BastionGPT has been tailored for healthcare users in many ways, such as minimizing the influence of pseudo-science and encouraging the use of evidence-based healthcare practices.
What is the difference between this and free options?
Free AI services often use GPT 3.5 or even lower-performing AI models. Most customers, after experiencing the capability and intelligence of BastionGPT with GPT4, can no longer go back to using other AI models. Additionally, free options often share your chat data, are not compliant with healthcare regulations, and are not designed for healthcare professionals. BastionGPT has also been optimized for hundreds of different healthcare and therapy uses, which allows our service to automatically adjust the AI model to give you the highest quality response.
Can I use BastionGPT for more than healthcare-specific questions?
Yes, BastionGPT provides access to the full power of ChatGPT, and acts as a powerful assistant for every type of healthcare workforce member, whether that use is troubleshooting computer code, summarizing meeting notes, making suggestions to improve emails, or suggesting updates to company policy.
Is BastionGPT compliant with healthcare regulations in my country?
In prioritizing the privacy and security of health information, BastionGPT adheres to a robust framework designed to align with major global healthcare standards. We endeavor to meet key industry standards, such as HIPAA in the United States, GDPR in Europe, PIPEDA in Canada and the Privacy Act/APP in Australia, ensuring the protection and confidentiality of health information. However, compliance can vary by region due to differing local laws and regulations. We provide documentation and resources for our services, and we recommend consulting those materials or contacting our support to verify compliance with the healthcare regulations specific to your region and situation.
Is there training documentation?
Yes, BastionGPT will show a brief walkthrough of features the first time you log in on a new device. For a more detailed overview, check out our Quick Start Video Guide. If you are interested in an interactive "Lunch and Learn" session, you can also reach out to our support team for upcoming dates and times. You can find popular use cases in our Use Cases page, or via our community Prompts for Health site.
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